The Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) The Greater Toronto Area, bordered by Lake Ontario to the south, the Kawartha lakes to the east, the Niagara Escarpment to the west, and Lake Simcoe to the north, is home to 6+ million people. The Greater Toronto Area is the commercial, distribution and economic hub of Canada and the third largest financial centre in North America. The region generates approximately one fifth of the GDP of Canada, and is home to 40% of Canada's business headquarters.

The City of Toronto is the largest urban centre in Canada and the economic engine of the country. Toronto has been recognized as one of the most liveable places in the world and is the world’s most ethnically diverse city with residents from 169 countries and 80 ethnic groups who speak more than 100 different languages. Business in Toronto benefits from its ethnic and economic diversity that drives innovation and economic growth both locally and internationally. The Toronto region ranks among the top 10 financial centres globally.

Real estate in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area continues to flourish with strong year over year development and growth. It is prime property that includes everything from condos to townhomes, semi-detached homes and detached properties and lovely mansions. The City of Toronto is made up of many distinct neighbourhoods that offer a strong sense of community; a diverse economy; a flourishing arts scene; a wide variety of schools; great shopping opportunities; state of the art recreational facilities; wonderful green spaces and easy access to airports, highways and public transportation. There is something for everyone in The Greater Toronto Area!
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